Tait Handheld Radio TP9310 (UHF and VHF)

Tait DMR is highly reliable, modern, digital radio solution that is designed to meet business critical needs. Tait DMR offers a digital communications solution based on the DMR standard.

The TP9310 DMR Tier 2 portable is designed for organizations needing an easy to use radio which is tough enough to survive in demanding environments.

Key Features:

  • Dual-mode portable (DMR Conventional and conventional analogue FM)

  • Roaming between FM Conventional and DMR Tier 2 Conventional Networks

  • Open DMR standard provides choice and interoperability

  • Engineered for demanding environments with IP67 rating 

  • Audio clarity provided by noise reducing digital technology

  • High quality audio

  • Support for digital encryption

  • Integrated GPS to improve efficiency and safety (optional SFE key)

  • Optional colours available. Orange and Hi-Visibility Green