Tait DMR Enable Monitor

As one component of the Tait Enable suite, EnableMonitor provides you with all the tools you need to monitor the health of your Tait DMR network and reduce downtime.


  • Real-time system health status for early issue diagnosis

  • Proof that your network is operating efficiently

  • Reporting on your IT network availability and infrastructure

  • Alerts and alarms when there is an issue

  • Automatic discovery and configuration for easy setup

  • Standards-based technology for interoperability

  • Secure access to performance data anywhere, anytime

  • Redundancy options for guaranteed performance

  • Support for peace of mind

Monitoring the health of your DMR network

As one component of the Tait Enable suite, EnableMonitor provides real-time system health information about your network and subscriber units so you can easily see what is happening on your network.

With configurable viewing and reporting options you are able to quickly identify potential issues and resolve them before they affect your communications system, reducing your network downtime and maximizing your return on investment.

Reporting on the performance of your DMR network

Enable Report provides a complete picture of your network with detailed reports on the performance of different parts of your network over time. By providing you with an audit trail, EnableReport can also help you to better understand and optimize your network resources around busy times, talkgroups and sites.

Over the air provisioning and programming

DMR Tier 3 supports Over The Air Programming (OTAP) making user laborious database interventions a thing of the past. The OTAP application keeps records of the full configurations of all terminals and allows easy and fast updates based on individual terminals, groups of terminals or whole fleets.

Network management services

Whether you want to manage your own network using our products or have a fully managed network, Tait can provide all the knowledge and support you need to ensure that you can always rely on your private radio system.

Many utility organisations report declining RF knowledge and the combination of IT management with radio system management has made network management more challenging over recent years. 

Tait has a long history of managing radio networks and has a strong combined RF and IP knowledge.