Tait TM8105 Conventional Radio

The TM8105 provides ultimate flexibility for system integration. With an expansive internal options area, this data radio is one of the most customizable mobile radios available.

Flexible communications:

  • 100 conventional channels available via CCDI (Computer Controlled Data Interface)
  • Data capable - supports 1200/2400 baud FFSK data as standard
  • Type 99 (2-tone) decode
  • Internal high speed data modem (12 kbps on NB channels/19.2 kbps on WB channels) (software option)
  • Four RF power levels
  • Full Selcall functionality
  • DTMF encoder
  • Low standby power consumption (<80mA)
  • MDC 1200 encode (software option)
  • Emergency mode, stun and revive

Advanced system integration capabilities:

  • Multiple auxiliary ports
  • Programmable inputs/outputs and audio tap points
  • Third party control head capable
  • Direct connect GPS
  • Optional third party developers kit