Tait TM8252 MPT Trunked Radio

The TM8252 is a dual mode MPT 1327/conventional data radio providing ultimate flexibility for system integration. With an expansive internal options area, this data radio is one of the most customizable mobile radios available.

Flexible communication:

  • 1500 conventional channels available via CCDI (Computer Controlled Data Interface)
  • Built-in MAP27 support
  • Data capable - supports 1200/2400 baud FFSK as standard
  • Internal high speed data modem (12 kbps on NB channels/19.2 kbps on WB channels) (software option)
  • Full Selcall functionality
  • DTMF encoder
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Multiple network capability
  • Lone Worker function to improve worker safety

Advanced system integration capabilities:

  • Multiple auxiliary ports
  • Programmable inputs/outputs and audio tap points
  • Third-party control head capable
  • Direct connect GPS
  • Optional third-party developer’s kit