Temco Bone Conduction Headset

Temco professional headsets dramatically reduce external noises by using bone conduction technology. By transmitting voice signals through the skull or jawbone, audio clarity is greatly improved and still allows a user to hear ambient noise if required. Alternatively, hearing protection can be provided by using earplugs without impeding radio communications in either direction.

The Professional VOX solution uses a DSP controlled radio interface module (LEDM19 sold separately) that activates only on human speech preventing false activation from ambient or other vocal noises (e.g. coughing). In addition, the radio interface prevents speech clipping normally associated with VOX systems. All Temco radio interfaces provide audio amplification to the users voice signals. 


  • Noise cancelling boom microphone
  • Bone conduction temple transducer speakers locate in front of ear
  • Comfortable lightweight behind the head style fitting
  • Total two-way radio handsfree operation in VOX mode
  • DSP controlled VOX activation on voice signal ONLY - does not activate on other vocal signals such as coughing
  • Store and forward (microseconds) eliminates voice clipping at start of speech
  • Waterproof - IP67